Smart Plastic Opens Sales Operation in 7 Latin American Countries

(Wheeling, Illinois) September 9, 2017 Smart Plastic Technologies, LLC, a specialist in the development, production and marketing of unique additives for use in polymers which provide biodegradation, antimicrobial, antifungal and anticounterfeit properties in finished products, has completed its strategy to establish sales representation in 7 countries which will provide market exposure throughout Central and South America.

Those countries include Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.

“We have worked closely with Varcomsa, our Latin America partner over the past year to successfully establish this strong network of representation. We are already seeing the results and look forward to the continued development of business in this dynamic market. Our thanks to Varcomsa for their efforts and cooperation.” Said Dick Frost, Vice President of Sales.

Smart Plastic Technologies Announces Multi-location Caribbean Sales Representation Agreement with Cruzan Creations

Smart Plastic is pleased to announce it has reached a multi-location Caribbean sales representation agreement with Cruzan Creations. Cruzan has established business and governmental relations throughout the Caribbean and will introduce Smart brand products throughout the region.

“We have previously worked with the principles of Cruzan for a period of time and understand their unique business position throughout the Caribbean islands. We consider this an excellent opportunity and look forward to developing a mutually beneficial relationship.” Said Dick Frost, Vice President of Sales.