SmartPlastic was born out of the desire to solve problems in the plastic industry. Our additives are combating crime, decreasing illness, and improving the way leading manufacturers serve their customers.

SmartPlastic is proud to be an American company.

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Our mission to build a better world extends to the people and environments we serve by:

  1. Providing leading edge science that improves the functionality, usefulness, and environmental impact of plastics.
  2. Delighting our customers with service and provide consulting support as to how they can improve the plastics they use
  3. Creating value for our investors
  4. Creating a work environment that supports our employees, associates, and business partners.


EASY: Our business model is designed to make resolving the challenge of improving the quality, efficacy, sophistication and specific needs of plastic products easy for our customers. From resin to film to finished products we can provide the technologies that help you to design it, make it and more. We offer a range of proprietary additives which provide elegant, sophisticated and affordable answers allowing our customer to create leading-edge products. This affords not only the opportunity to respond to market demand, but to create it. For any market or industry, our technology capabilities provide a one-stop resource from simple to complex custom additive design.

AFFORDABLE: SMART is not only our name, it’s the way we do business. We are a team comprised of members with extensive business experience. We know the cost of product is a critical element of our customers’ success. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to manufacture our products in our own facilities. No middle man costs passed on to our customer. We produce everything in our facilities located in Wheeling, Illinois and ship worldwide. We save money and so do you. Visit us anytime…. the door is open.

TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP: Our technology development team is globally recognized for its decades of proven leadership. We do not sell “off the shelf” additives. While we do have a suite of proprietary products designed to address a range of applications, our typical response is “what do you need” rather than “here is what we have”. SMART offers a unique suite of solutions to address our customer’s needs, help support their growth, and support their profitable practices. We offer these services to help increase your sales and reduce costs while maximizing productivity. “One size fits all” is never spoken here.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Always striving to improve requires planning, unrelenting effort and measuring our progress by the highest standards. From creating brilliant leading-edge technology to efficient production processes to passing cost savings on to our customers, SMART is fully dedicated to being an industry leading growth company. While oversight comes from highly experienced leaders in each division, SMART also benefits from the knowledge provided by local management in each location in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.

SUSTAINABILITY: Planning and building carefully today in preparation for the future allows us to build a company which will benefit our customers, shareholders and employees. Demonstrating a firm commitment to preserving natural resources, a sensitivity to our growing global team and a belief in the value of our mission will provide the foundation for a successful, impactful and respected company.




Consumer and scientific experts experienced in making today’s plastic safer, healthier and more functional. We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries.

Tim Murtaugh - CEO

Tim Murtaugh directs the company as Chief Executive Officer. His entrepreneurial experience spans more than 50 years with an array of industries ranging from decades in real estate development, founding the first consumer VOIP network prepaid calling card company in the U.S. to Smart Plastic Technologies. As a true visionary with strong leadership skills, analytical thinker, problem solver and international reputation as an ethical and reliable businessman, Tim leads the Smart Plastics’ strong management team in developing a true global market presence. Unlike management, leadership cannot be taught, although it may be learned and enhanced through experience. Honed through challenges as experienced by any true entrepreneur, with continued passion and innovation, Tim has developed and demonstrated strong leadership skills. He manages under the belief of leading by example, rolling up his sleeves and working side by side with every aspect of the business, inspiring others to perform and engage in achieving a goal.

Michael Stephens - Director of Technology

While not a founding member of SPT, Mr. Stephens was welcomed to our senior management team as Director of Technology in May 2017. With more than 43 years experience in manufacturing and marketing plastic packaging, Mr. Stephens is one of the premier innovators in the industry. After earning a business degree from the University of Southampton, he joined the plastics division of Unigate PLC–Excelsior Plastics Ltd., a manufacturer of polyethylene flexible packaging. Mr. Stephens quickly progressed from Assistant Production Manager to Sales Director, eventually leading the team that developed a high-yield packaging film in the late seventies.

In 1988, Mr. Stephens founded Skymark Packaging International Ltd. a flexible printed polyethylene film manufacturing company. Serving the snack-food, paper disposables, bakery, and postal-wrap industries, Skymark rapidly grew to a £12million operation. Most recently, he worked as the Technical Director at Symphony Environmental Technologies PLC for 19 years.


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